IWTA Series,
the backstory.

Brand TD, a leading travel trade news agency, aims to inspire more women (and men) in the travel industry with features highlighting the incredible stories of women in travel who are successful in their own right – from prodigious top executives who ascended the competitive corporate ladder to extraordinary women at the grassroots level.

Inspiring Women in Travel (Asia) Series is the brainchild of Brand TD owner and CEO Gary Marshall and Michaela Connor, Global Peopleworks Leader at Discova. Together and alongside with the rest of the committee members, they continue to champion the critical role of women in the travel space, from the official launch date of September 2021 up to the present date.

Be inspired by the journey of empowered women of IWTA Series by visiting: www.traveldailymedia.com/tdiwta


I am #WomanOfTravelAsia is a campaign declaration that as a woman of Travel Asia, she inspires and empowers. Vowing to celebrate oneself and others, she ensures to make her voice loud enough to propel the industry to make significant, beneficial changes to the world of travel more and more each day.

I Support the #WomanOfTravelAsia is a campaign that supports every woman in Travel Asia. This movement believes in every woman’s capacity to lead and celebrate her every milestone. This initiative shows unwavering support to “Woman of Travel Asia”, cheering her on as she climbs to the top.